Custom Services

Your Hat. Your Way. 

Our belief is your hat should be an extension of you.
Therefore, it should fit perfectly; so perfect that you almost don't know it's there.  If you do not know your head size click here for measuring instructions and our size chart.  Once you've got your size down, contact us for a consultation. During a consultation we will discuss the details of your hat.  Everyone's facial features are unique and therefore call for different shapes and dimensions to make your perfect hat.

If we've made you a hat before, you can skip the measuring tape. We'll have your head size and hat dimensions on file so feel free to reach out and let the creating begin!  

The creative possibilities are limitless and many of our custom trim and detail options (I.e. hatbands, linings, etc.) are included in our introductory prices.  Details not included typically require additional sourcing and will be priced accordingly.

3 Season Rabbit $500+
Dress Weight Rabbit $550+
Velour Rabbit $600+
Suede Rabbit $700+
Pure Beaver $950+
Long Hair Beaver $1000+
Chinchilla/Beaver Belly $1250+
Brisa Panama
Cuenca Panama 
Fino Panama
Super-Fino Panama
Specialty Hatband
Custom Dye Work
Cut & Sew Hats/Caps

Contact us to schedule a consultation and fitting at our shop or over the phone.