Hat Care & Repairs




  • Tear Repair 
  • Cleaning & Blocking Felt/ Straw

  • Cleaning & Blocking Vintage



  • Upsize / Downsize*
*This price is a per size cost, and a size increase or decrease of 2 sizes or more may require a sweatband replacement.







  • New Grosgrain Sweatband 

  • New Leather Sweatband  

  • New Satin/ Silk Lining




  • New Grosgrain Hatband [Outer band]
  • New Custom Hatband [Outer Band]



  • Brim Cut

  • Brim Edge Binding

  • Brim Over / Under Welt 





  • This service includes disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling as well as all previously listed services.
B.M. Franklin & Co. products receive 20% Off all services.
Shipping costs are not included.

*If you're unable to make it to our shop, no problem we ship worldwide. Contact us and we can help determine the best way to restore your hat. Be sure to include a note with your hat or contact us with the information prior to shipping.  Please include your name, address, phone number and brief description of the repair you need.  We will contact you with 24 hours of receiving the package to further discuss and process the repair.  Ship all repairs to BM Franklin & Co. 256 Buckhead Ave NE, Buckhead Village, Atlanta, GA.  Each repair takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  If you require a faster turnaround please contact us or include that detail with your hat.

Properly caring for your hat will ensure that it lasts you a lifetime. Below are a few tips for keeping your piece fresh and increasing its longevity.
  1. Brush your hat regularly, counterclockwise using a horse-hair hat brush.  Do not use nylon bristle brushes as they can be a bit harsh on the fibers.  Use a light brush for light felt and vise-versa for darker felts.
  2. Always handle your hat by the brim. Handling it by the crown or pinch will result in soiling and/or weakening the felt or straw.
  3. Rest your hat upside down on its crown when you're not wearing it.  When storing it for a period of time, keep it in a hatbox (upside down) with cedar chips or lavender to deter moths. If you live in a dry arid climate keep citrus peels with your straw hat when storing over time.
  4. Keep your hat out of direct sunlight for periods of time to avoid damage such as shrinking, softening and fading.
  5. Allow a wet hat to dry naturally and away from any source of heat.
  6. Flip your sweatband inside out when oily and sweaty to prevent it from soaking into the hat.
  7. Replace your sweatband every two years or when it becomes overly saturated.
  8. Service your piece at least once or twice a year (beginning and end of seasons if necessary).
  9. We repair all types and brands of hats.
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  Below is a short video detailing our renovation process.